U.K on Lock down: My experiences of the first 2 days so far....

As most of you who seen the live stream Corona Chan Awakens will know, The United Kingdom Of Great Britain is now on lock down to prevent the further spread of the corona virus.

We are now in officially DAY 2 of these measures and most people seem to be abiding by the rules. In the day time there seems to be people only going outside to do what ever shopping they might need, at night time the streets are spookily empty with almost zero traffic in my area and very little people on foot, if any at all.

Interestingly, as of March the 19th the U.K government has downgraded COVID19 quote

"COVID-19 is no longer considered to be a high consequence infectious diseases (HCID) in the UK."

Here is the link for this info

So the question needs to be asked. WHY ARE WE IN LOCK DOWN?

Today, when speaking to a neighbour, it was revealed that a elderly relative has been diagnosed with corona virus and told to self isolate. The trouble is, that when asked if this relative had been tested, we were told NO! and that the diagnosis was given over the telephone by a member of staff. I'll repeat that. The diagnosis was given over the telephone! no tests, no examination, just the description of symptoms and that is confirmation that the person in question has corona virus.

How is this a viable diagnosis? It sounds more like they are just saying it's covid-19 in order to ensure the person stays at home and yet it could just be a simple case of the flu, after all it is flu and cold season. No doubt this person's alleged infection will go on the national statistics as a case of infection, but how many others just like this, who have been told over the phone, most likely not by a Doctor, that they have the disease. How much of the numbers are inflated by cases such as this one?

These are legitimate questions and I am sure those of you reading this your skepticism of the covid19 outbreak has increased, as it has with me. This is day 2 of the official lock down and there is a real tangible sense of fear in those around me. People seem to be assuming that it is highly possible that the person walking next to you has the disease and could put your household in jeopardy. This is the effect of the propaganda being spewed out of the television media outlets. Already we are seeing paranoia, reinforced by stories of people's deaths in the news most notably a 21 year old female with apparently no underlying health conditions. This case was trending on twitter and all over the news. I did personally check the facebook pages of the mother and there are posts about her death. But, I have to question whether or not the diagnosis for cause of death is accurate or is it just being put down as corona for propaganda purposes?

Why isn't the relatives being quarantined? Why were their no posts about other members of the family who must have came into contact with this victim of covid19? People's lives are at stake, people's jobs have been lost already and may be more in the coming weeks and for what? Telephone diagnoses? News propaganda?

Or is this outbreak far worse than we are led to believe? Did China do this on purpose to weaken the west?

So many questions to be answered and I hope they are answered in the coming weeks and months. I'll be posting more blogs with all the information that a find as things develop here in the U.K and round the world.

If you would like to contribute to this blog on about your experiences on what's happening in your country and are a member of the site please get in touch with me here.


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