Look like it's game over.... for now.

Hello folks. Some people are starting to ask if I am ok, probably due to no content being posted. Sadly I have to take this time to tell you all, this is probably the end of my You Tube career. I simply cannot afford to keep doing it. I can't keep up with the costs of living to the extent I cannot even pay my internet bill every month. I have been disconnected for months now and there doesn't seem to be a way out of it at the moment. All this lockdown stuff going on in the U.K isn't helping anyone financially but I seem to be hit quite hard. Subscribers to the website amount to exactly 1. There are annual subscribers who bought a membership back in FEB 2020 but that's a one time payment that went towards stopping my eviction from my home. Patreon isn't much better and in total I rake in a grand total of £30 a month over the website and Patreon. I'm just being transparent, these figures are displayed on the Patreon page and always have been. I'm sure you understand that this is no income at all for anyone to live on and I simply cannot do it anymore. If things change then perhaps I can get back on track to making video's but I honestly don't see this happening for the foreseeable future. I need at least 300 paying subscribers to be able to cover my costs. I know that doesn't sound like a lot for a channel that had 14,000 subs before it was terminated and even now on my new channel you would think out of nearly 4,000 subs that 300 of them would support the channel. Sadly, the reality is that maybe you would get 1% of your subs willing to support you. Just ask the bigger channels. I thought I would make this blog just to let everyone know the situation. I thought about doing a video but, it's kind of difficult using a free hot spot wi fi. The speeds are terrible and it kicks you off randomly. I may have to sell this website to reimburse the members for their annual payment. I thank you for your patience in the meantime and ask you to pray for my family.

Thank you


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