Did Pope Francis know about the Corona Virus?

Today, 27th February, it's been reported in the media that Pope Francis is ill. Questions are being asked if he has taken ill due to the corona virus outbreak, which has hit Italy lately with over 600 cases of infection and at least fifty thousand people in quarantine. At this point it would not be impossible that this is the case, Pope Francis does come into contact with a lot of people and more importantly a lot of tourists. Vatican officials refused to confirm whether Francis has been tested for corona virus but released a statement saying he had missed attending mass as a result of his sickness. Remember last year in March of 2019 when the Pope acted strangely when greeting those who came to kiss his hand? Watch here in this video Francis recoils from letting people kiss his hand. Why? Normally this isn't a problem, Francis has washed people's feet, he has embraced and kissed diseased people in a show of compassion, but yet this time, he recoils and withdraws his hand while maintaining an uncomfortable smile. Vatican spokesman Alessandro Gisotti said the Pope was worried about germs when meeting Catholics last Wednesday. Why has the Pope become germ aware all of a sudden? Has paranoia overtaken him? Now, remember this was in March of 2019, if this was instead 2020 this would make perfect sense, he may be even wearing a mask in the near future, but back then there was no fear of catching corona virus or anything else other than the common flu. Can you remember any Pope acting in this manner?

Flash forward to Dec 31st of 2019 the Pope had an encounter with a Asian tourist who forcefully grabbed his hand, pulled him towards herself cupping his hand in hers while saying something which no news outlet bothered translating. Still to this day I cannot find any news article who took the time to find this woman and get her side of things. This story made international headlines over night, it could not have been that hard to track her down and she must have came into contact with the reports. Francis promptly batted her hand off of his as his bodyguards then stood in between them. He certainly did not want to be touched in that manner. I still wonder what the lady said to him, perhaps some one will translate it, but his actions here in both of these incidents are strange to say the least. If Pope Francis was so worried about germs from mouth to hand in March 2019 he didn't seem fazed about hand to hand contact with the many who he did touch hands with willingly before he was grabbed by the mystery Lady. Today, the reports are, that corona virus was covered up for 2 months before the story broke in January of 2020 and footage started to emerge on the internet. It is very possible that on 31st Dec, China and other nations across Asia already had people infected with the virus. Did the Pope know about it? Just like other people at the top in government in China, they must have known and who did they tell? Were heads of state informed, if so you can bet money on the fact the Vatican would have had people around the world relaying that information back to the very top.

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