A new way to support the channel! SUPER TIPS!

The You Tube SUPERCHAT feature has been denied on my channel since they kicked me out of the partner program after being in it for over 3 years with my back up channel, which as you all know is now my main channel now.

To get round that I found a unique way for still doing the same thing, without You Tube involved and that is the SUPER TIP. Trust me once people see this going on, all your fave You Tubers will be doing this. The main pic above shows you the TIP screen which you get to by using the link in chat or in the description of any video. Like this >

There are many great advantages for streamers that SUPERCHATS can't compete with. One of them is that you can send a SUPER TIP (That's my own name for it, I know catchy right? :) at any time. You don't need to wait for a live stream to be broadcasting. Like the lastest video that I posted? You can tip to show your support for as little as a dollar. If 50% of my viewers tipped each video a buck each (av 500 views these days) the channel and website would be well on it's way to being fully funded.

Another great advantage is that SUPERTIPS automatically get sent to your OBS broadcasting software (OBSlive IS REQURIED) and you can set the alerts to show on screen as they come in. Or, if you are not broadcasting live when tips are received they will still come though to you activity.

As you can see in the screen shot above. OBS live adds cool new features to the side of your broadcast screen. On the left is your activity feed, which you can control on the fly by muting the alerts or pausing them. You can replay alerts using the refresh icon and they will play on screen at your command. (Handy for any SUPERTIP you get while not streaming)

On the right you will have your You Tube chat feed( Or twitch if you use that) and you can interact with chat right on OBS !! Cool or what?

You can see the arrow pointing to the alert above. You can get free designs for all of this or you can go on to fiver and get one made for you if you have the means. It's all linked on the streamelements pages once you make an account( Its free) Not only tips can be shown but super chats if you are allowed by Yt, also when somebody subscribes or buys merch. Yes you can have merch too! If somebody becomes a member of your YT channel, if that's activated for you that too will send an onscreen msg!

All in all, this is something great that I think you streamers out there will enjoy check out the website here if you want to get started. No I do not get paid for plugging this, I just think it's cool and you streamers out there will probably want to jump in on this, especially if you have a big audience. There are way to many features to cover here in this blog so check it out and let me know what you think below on the comments. Or leave me a tip and msg me and your tip will be on the next show!

Happy streaming!


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